G|FASHION is a global luxury brand, featuring bespoke collections by the world’s top designers. Each unique collection is an exhibition of G|FASHION’s state-of-the-art craftsmanship, applied to innovative sartorial concepts. The G|FASHION universe represents an ever-growing union of acclaimed designers and world-class artisans. Every season, new emerging talent will join the G|FASHION roster — an unparalleled team of creative genius that will grow without limit.

G|FASHION serves as the fashion counterpart to G|CLUBS, and will provide exclusive benefits to G|CLUBS members.

G|FASHION’s immersive digital platform introduces a tactile retail experience to the virtual. Through our custom e-commerce site, users encounter the G|FASHION universe firsthand, engaging with content about our designers and artisans as they shop. Each collection comes to life through a comprehensive exploration of the materials and craftsmanship behind them — a three-dimensional insight into the details of the garments. Editorial content highlights the designers’ processes, from conception to fabrication.

G|FASHION is the new golden standard for luxury fashion — a celebration of expert craftsmanship and cutting-edge style.

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NY, NY 10065 USA